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Next generation platform for managing data risks

AI Based Discovery
Of Sensitive Data

Access Control based on
Data Classification


Field level Encryption and Masking
of Sensitive Data


Monitor and Detect 
Sensitive Data Misuse

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Data-centric controls can be balanced with business needs 

For enterprises, data is the new fuel for growth. Enterprises are increasingly seeking data-driven initiatives to differentiate and provide more value to their customers. There is a movement towards personalization of services, with the use of personal and sensitive data . Sensitive data is moving beyond traditional transactional databases, into big data and cloud based data stores.
Personal and sensitive data are under massive attack. Sensitive data is a target for data breaches, enterprises are also faced a regulatory climate with GDPR and other regulations imposing increased penalties for privacy breaches.
Data-centric controls and using data for data analytics is not a zero-sum game. Privacera's mission is to enable enterprises to do more with their data by proactively discovering and managing data risks

Data Discovery
Access Control
Behavioral Monitoring


Privacera Access Monitoring 



Import or Create
Privacy Policy


Applications and Data Sources


Privacera Monitors
Sensitive Data Access


Create Alerts and Actions
for any Policy Violations

“Privacera founders have immense experience in building security startups and working with big data technologies. They are now bringing their experience to build a new approach to protecting sensitive data within applications and databases, against malicious threats and accidental misuse”

Former CSO, LG Electronics


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