IAPP – Privacy, Security and Risk Conference. A Wrap

IAPP -Privacy, Security and Risk conference ended last week.  It was a great event, brought together cybersecurity and privacy professionals from around the world.

We want to review the event through the eyes of twitter. Here is a compilation of sessions that we found interesting during the conference

Day 1

The conference was spread over 4 days, the first 2 days dedicated for training and workshops.The main conference itself was for 2 days, Sept 15-16

The conference kicked off with Keynote presentations from Gerhard Eschelbeck, who head Google’s Security and Privacy team, Cathy O’ Neil, mathematician and author of the book “Weapons of Math Destruction” and Chris Kelly, former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook.

We were then onto the general sessions. Privacy Shield is a big topic these days.

Abhishek Agarwal, CPO, Baxter International talked about challenges of launching product across multiple countries with different privacy regulations

Marc Groman, Senior Advisor for Privacy, White House Office of Management and Budget and Omar Tene @IAPP discussing privacy in government.

Data is powerful and can be used to discriminate as well

Drones, and in general IoT, bringing a new challenge for privacy professionals

Experts in their industry, CPO from Facebook and LinkedIn, talking about ethics and privacy in social media

Afternoon general session has Monical Lewinsky talking about online privacy

Day 1 ended with great after hours at San Pedro Market.

Day 2

Here is what day 2 entailed for us.There was lot of sessions on legal aspects, around data breaches to defending litigation

A session on GDPR got a big response from the attendees. Certainly it was one of the most discussed topics in the conference

City of Seattle CPO was part of panel discussion on upcoming smart cities.

Molly McCoy from Blue Shield of California, and others covered the challenges of sharing sensitive data in Healthcare, and current legal framework covering this

Data Breaches are still a hot topic

Interesting subject of advancement of biometrics and privacy

Ruby Zefo @Intel was awesome in describing potential pit falls in privacy and security

Sharon Anolik and Susan Bondi covered privacy in non-traditional industries

It was a great event and showcased the trends in privacy space. Privacy and security are coming together as never before. In the coming years, GDPR and other legislations will shape roles and responsibilities within the organization for Privacy.

Huge thanks to IAPP org for making the event happen.

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