Musings from DataWorks Summit – GDPR dominates the airwaves

We had a great time last week in Munich, at the DataWorks/Hadoop Summit in Munich. I had a talk on GDPR, impact on big data and mitigation strategies. Here is the video and presentation from our talk


Bosco, our CTO, had a talk on user management within Hadoop, specifically leveraging Apache Ranger.

I had a chance to catch up with old friends from Hortonworks as well as a lot of European companies leveraging big data in Europe. Here are few things I learned from the event.

  1. Big data is on a roll in Europe.European companies across the board feel that they need to catch up with their American counterparts on innovation and business agility and leveraging data-centric strategies is understood as fundamental criteria for that.
  2. GDPR is in the mindshare of the company boards, but very few companies have prepared for that. GDPR is impacting the data strategies that companies have already built upon or thinking about. Few questions raised were around automated profiling of personal data and honoring data subject requests such as the right to be forgotten
  3. Security and governance are a big priority. European companies have traditionally been strong on security and governance foundation as part of their data lake efforts and it shows with the widespread adoption of Apache Ranger and increased interest in Apache Atlas. Centralizing metadata and enabling the information to be available for end users seems to be key for success for the next generation for analytics adoption

We had a lot of interesting conversations and I will touch upon on more of them in near future. Also, we will be publishing few blog posts on GDPR as well as releasing a whitepaper on how companies adopting big data and cloud can manage some of the GDPR rules. For more information, refer to this GDPR page on our website

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