Security and Privacy for Cloud Data Lakes

Deep Data Discovery and Classification 

Privacera connects with cloud storage, databases and scans files, tables as soon as they are created in the cloud. Privacera discovery engine can look at metadata, content, context and apply machine learning algorithms to accurately discover, classify/tag personal data (PII, PCI, PHI), restricted or confidential data. Privacera has inbuilt rules for across industries and geographies

Comprehensive Access Management

Privacera can help with secure and compliant access to data in the cloud. Access control is first step towards security and privacy, and ensures the data is accessible only on a need to know basis. Privacera has inbuilt solution to map enterprise authentication to standards to access keys and tokens used by the cloud. Privacera leverages open source Apache Ranger to enforce field, column and row level access control across AWS EMR, AWS S3, Databricks, AWS Redshift, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure HD Insight, Clouder, SQL Server and other services in the cloud

Distributed Data De-identifaction

The best form of data protection is anonymization of sensitive data. While masking and other practices have been in existence for long time, the challenge with masking that it renders the data unusable for analytics in the cloud. Privacera provides tools to do format preserving encryption (FPE), alphanumeric encryption, tokenization, masking and other techniques to enable enterprise adapt anonymization to their business needs. Privacera can anonymize data in Apache Kafka, Ni-Fi or any other ETL tools and can help users deanonymize data, based on a policy, in AWS EMR,Databricks, Spark or any other cloud services through its APIs

Automated data access monitoring

As data use in the cloud grows, it is becoming challenging for governance and security teams to get accurate visibility on data and how its is used across different cloud services. Privacera provides automated monitoring solutions for analyzing access history, other sets of information and creating alerts if data is accessed inappropriately or moved out of restricted data zones.

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