Automated Compliance Solutions

Deep Data Discovery  - "Where is sensitive data?"

Privacera's proprietary machine learning can discover and classify sensitive data across databases, big data and cloud systems. Privacera's solution can provide near real time visibility to compliance teams on where data related risks are and where it is moving.

Compliance Reports - "How are users using sensitive data?"

Privacera provides ready templated reports for standard compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC2. Compliance officers can easily configure a new report or change an existing report to conform to their internal regulatory or legal requirements


Appropriate Use - "Who should access the data and how it should to be used?"

Privacera provides an easy to use wizard for capturing complex terms of use for sensitive data. Personal and sensitive data may be bound by various external and internal compliance rules. Privacera helps capture these rules into easy to understand terms of use or "Appropriate Use" policy. These policies are stored in a central database and constantly monitored by the access monitoring framework.


Data Flow - "Where is the sensitive data flowing to?"

Track where the personal and other sensitive data is moving within the system and get notifications if data movements leads to a compliance violation. Compliance team can easily set data locality, sovereignity rules and reduce potential privacy and compliance related penalties.

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