Privacera for Cybersecurity Teams

Detect Insider Threats and Malicious Use 

Privacera analyzes access history and detects anomalies around misuse or accidental use of the data. Data-centric behavioral analysis is more accurate in identifying malicious external or internal user trying to steal sensitive data. Security team can get an instant notification in Privacera dashboard or in their email.  Privacera goes a step further and blocks any user or devices showing significant anomaly. The degree of prevention can be configured very easily


Deep Analytics on Sensitive Data Use

Privacera continuously accesses access history across different systems and correlates them into a single dashboard. Security teams can drill down into forensics data in case of a breach. Privacera can also analyze access history and suggest remediations of access rights with respect to senstive data


Get bigger return from your SOC

SIEM systems are getting overloaded with increasing volume of network, firewall and application logs. SOC analysts are overwhelmed with numerous alerts, many of them being false positives as well as handling the increased volume of the data. Finding precisely what happened to sensitive data is very difficult task within SIEM. Privacera solution can precisely identify malicious behavior in relation to sensitive data and augment the SIEM dashboard with precise alerts on any malicious activity

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