Solutions for discovering and managing sensitive data

Discover - Where is sensitive data?

Sensitive data includes personal information (PCI, PII, PHI) and intellectual property. Privacera provides an integrated discovery tool that can scan big data systems (such as Hadoop), cloud systems and traditional databases and identify where sensitive data is stored. Privacera uses machine learning and NLP to precisely discover and classify sensitive data across both structured and unstructured data.

Control - "Who has access to sensitive data"

Privacera provides a inbuilt mechanism to control access to sensitive data and help administrators manage policies at data classification level. Privacera uses open sources projects, Apache Ranger and Apache Sentry, to provide enforcement for its access policies

Anonymization - "Encrypt or Mask data before it is used"

Privacera provides capabilities for administrators to apply format preserving encryption or obfuscate data as data is ingested or in place in a data environment. Anonymization can help data teams use data while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of the data


Monitor and Report  - "Any malicious use or movement of sensitive data?"

Privacera behavioral monitoring engine collects access data from different systems, enriches the data based on the metadata and analyzes for behavior leading to misuse of the data. Privacera data flow technology can analyze data movements in real time and detect potential data leaks or data spills. Privacera analytical reports can be used by the compliance teams to get real time visibility on sensitive data use

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