Accurately Identify and Catalog Sensitive Data in Your Cloud

Privacera discovers and classifies sensitive information across your cloud storage and databases

Understanding data is the basis for security, governance and privacy

It is easier than ever to your data in the datacenter to cloud storage and databases. . It is important to understand data and identify sensitive and restricted data before the data is processed and used by internal or external users.

Discover and Classify Sensitive Data in Your Cloud

Traditional discovery tools rely only on metadata to discover sensitive data and result in high rate of false positives.


Privacera differs from traditional scanning tools by incorporating rules, machine learning and NLP to understand the context of the data and accurately classifying it

How it Works?

Connect to your cloud storage and databases

Privacera automatically connects to cloud storage (S3, Azure Storage) and databases such as Dynamo DB and can scan the data as soon as it is loaded into the cloud

Apply rules and machine learning models

Privacera uses in built rules and machine learning models to accurately identify a specific data type and assign a tag

Auto classify or manually review data classification

Privacera assigns confidence score to every data scanned. Depending on the score, Privacera can auto classify the data or bring it up for manual review

Centralized data catalog with reporting and monitoring

Privacera stores the classification in a scalable metadata store and provides out of box reports to help compliance and governance teams get instant visibility. Privacera can create alerts if sensitive data is found in a specific area

What makes Privacera’s Discovery & Classification Unique?

High precision

Delivers accurate results so you can focus on identifying and protecting your truly valuable data instead of wasting precious time sifting through false positives.

Easy extensions

Easily extend Privacera rules and machine models to fit to your specific datasets

Build for high scale

Privacera leverages modern big data architecture to easily scan and classify petabytes of data across cloud data stores and databases

Easy deployment

Privacera is built for the cloud. Privacera container based solution can be easily deployed in any cloud environment and can be managed using cloud native operational tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files do you work with?

Over 50+ file types, including structured (avro, parquet,CSV), semi-structured (json, xml) and unstructured (doc, pdf).

How do you reduce false positives?

Privacera provides ability to configure confidence levels for discovery and classification. Depending on confidence level, certain discovery results would come for manual review. A data steward or a data owner can accept or reject the classification results. Privacera classification engine learns from manual review and reduces the rates of false positives.

How do you support custom data types?

Governance and compliance teams can easily build custom rules or machine learning models for custom data types.

Do you take actions based on discovery results?

Privacera can help quarantine data or anonymize sensitive data if sensitive data is discovered in a specific system.

Resources & Latest News


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