Reduce Your Compliance Risk

Get visibility on how your data is being used across all your systems. Know if sensitive data is copied into non restricted areas. Detect and respond to any compliance, privacy and security violations.

Get visibility into how your data is being used

Privacera technology allows you to get instant access and visibility into how internal users are accessing your data in the cloud. Privacera can track data movements into restricted zones in the cloud or on-premise.

Alerts on data movements

Immediate visibility into user actions of moving data into unrestricted zones.

Alerts on sensitive data presence

Administrators can create restricted zones in Privacera and Privacera can create alerts if sensitive data is discovered in these restricted zones.

Actionable intelligence

Privacera can be configured to take actions such as anonymizing or quarantining data based on the type of alerts generated.

Verify the use of your data wherever it lives

Administer Policies

Privacera provides easy templates for administrators to create policies for restricting data movement or detecting presence of sensitive data. Actions could be assigned to any alert that is created.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Privacera automatically integrates with user access history in existing cloud and database infrastructure, and analyses them for potential compliance or security violations.

Continuously Monitor

Privacera builds a baseline on access history and can continuously analyse user actions against the baseline. The output is an alert that can be analysed by compliance or security teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take action based on monitoring?

Privacera Monitoring generates alerts if data is moved or accessed against existing security and compliance policies. Privacera can automatically take an action based on the alert to quarantine data, anonymize data or block access.

Can I integrate alerts with SIEM system?

Privacera integrates with Splunk and other SIEM systems, alerts generated in Privacera would be sent to SIEM for review by the security and compliance teams.

Resources & Latest News


Security and Privacy for modern data platforms

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Privacera solution for AWS EMR

Use this link for request a docker package to install Apache Ranger based fine grained access control solution for AWS EMR

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