Security and Privacy for Modern Data Platforms

Learn how to enable comprehensive security, privacy and governance in big data and cloud environments using Privacera.



Privacera for Amazon EMR

Use this link to request a Docker package to install fine-grained access control to Amazon EMR.



Privacera: Platform Overview

Privacera is the only integrated data governance and security platform for the hybrid cloud that combines data discovery and classification, centralized access management, and data


Discovery and Classification

You can’t govern or secure data that you don’t know exists. That’s why it is critical to identify and classify sensitive data as it is ingested, before it is accessed by users. Privacera incorporates rules, machine learning and natural language processing to understand the context and accurately classify your sensitive data.


Centralized Access Management

Privacera’s centralized access management, based on Apache Ranger, allows administrators to define data access policies from a single console and enables distributed enforcement across heterogeneous cloud and on-premises data services.


Data De-Identification

Privacera enables various forms of anonymization and data masking to ensure data protection and privacy preservation while maintaining the referential integrity and analytical value of your sensitive data.


Privacera & Databricks

Databricks and Privacera leverage Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas to provide enterprise-grade data governance and security for data analytics and data science in the cloud.


Microsoft Azure

It's important to match the power of Microsoft Azure and its many services with equally powerful, enterprise-grade data governance and security from Privacera.



Strata postmortem: Making a midcourse correction

Tackling what we used to call big data has gotten beyond religious open source project debates. Instead, the challenge is breaking down the silos between data scientists and data engineers. This year’s Strata Data conference marks the end of the era where the focus was mostly on the platform.


Back to Basics: Governance, Quality, Security Grab the Spotlight at Strata Data Conference

The Wild West days of big data may not be totally gone, but it sort of felt that way this week on the Strata Data Conference’s Expo floor.



CCPA Compliance for Analytics and Data Science Use Cases with Databricks and Privacera

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

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